Why We Use Keune

Jun 3, 2021 | Blog, News

Why We Use Keune

Here at The Cutting Garden, we’re committed to quality. This influences every aspect of our work, from the warm and welcoming atmosphere in our salon to the talented team we work with. This means that we’re exacting about products we use in the salon too! The colours, shampoos, styling products and treatments need to be high-performance, excellent quality and deliver fantastic results. This is why we use Keune.

Founded in 1922 by Jan Keune, the brand started life in an Amsterdam pharmacy selling a liquid perming formula. Over the years, Keune branched out into producing hair styling products. They’re responsible for introducing hairspray in aerosol cans, hair gel and styling mousse to the market. A century on, the brand remains family-owned and continues to create market-leading products in their in-house ‘Keune Lab’.

Read on to learn more about the brand and why we use Keune.

Cruelty-Free Products

Why We Use Keune: Collage image of some Keune products.

Keune does not test their ingredients or final products on animals, nor do they sell their products in countries that require animal testing. As a proudly cruelty-free haircare brand, there are also many vegan and plant-based products available, offering ethically conscious options. Even the fragrances in the products are naturally derived, with essential oils used instead of artificial scents. Many products feature argan oil, coconut oil and phytokeratin to create a gentle and deeply nourishing formulation.

Eco Conscious

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A large amount of product packaging is reusable or refillable and many items are made using recycled and bioplastics. By 2022, the brand aims to be carbon neutral and its manufacturing facility is completely solar-powered. Keune also promotes sustainable forestry, with 100% of all packaging being FSC or PEFC certified by the end of this year. Plus, all palm-oil based ingredients are sustainably sourced and RSPO quality certified to help protect the future of rainforests.

Innovative Approach

Why We Use Keune: Collage image of three women with styled hair.

Keune is driven by innovation. In fact, the desire to make beauty more accessible is the reason the brand was created and the very foundation of its success. The brand has introduced a large number of groundbreaking products over the years and has a refreshingly thorough approach to product quality. If the team aren’t 100% happy with a product’s performance or formulation – it’s worked on again and again until it meets their standards. With an in-house development lab and free reign to create solutions they believe in, the brand is able to develop new products that are designed with hairdressers in mind.

A Product for All Hair Types

Why We Use Keune: Flatlay image of Keune products.

The brand takes an individualised approach to hair care, creating products for all hair textures and types – so you’ll never find a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution! From the Silver Saviour range (designed to banish brassy tones in blonde, silver and white hair) and the Curl Control collection to the Derma Sensitive products (formulated for sensitive scalps) and the So Pure line (sulphate free, 100% vegan and ammonia-free), there’s a Keune product to suit all requirements.

The revolutionary Bond Fusion treatment helps to protect the hair’s inner structure and create new bonds to deliver a restorative effect. Hair is left twice as strong and will feel smoother, silkier and easier to manage in a single treatment.

Creative Colour Choices

Why We Use Keune: Collage image of three women with brightly coloured hair.

Whether you want to achieve a bright platinum blonde, a deep chocolate brown, a vibrant copper hue or a pastel pink, Keune’s range of colour can do it all. Boasting a rich and creamy formulation, your dream colour can be achieved without compromising on hair health. With a wide range of colour options available, we stock Keune’s permanent tints, demi-permanent colours, activators and lightening powders.

Tinta Colour is Keune’s permanent hair dye. Delivering high shine, excellent coverage and deep conditioning, Tinta Colour provides full-colour coverage. The ‘Triple Colour Protection Technology’ offers built-in Solamer UV protection, a silk protein enriched formulation and an LP300 colour stabiliser to help prevent fade. The demi colours are vegan, gluten and ammonia-free, offering up to 70% grey coverage. With a unique ‘Shine Complex’, these tints are infused with Cocamide and Mirasil for softness and glossiness.

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