COVID-19 Announcement

Jul 15, 2021 | News

An Update on COVID-19 Regulations in the Salon

On July 19th 2021, the laws concerning personal protection against COVID-19 are being relaxed. From this date onwards, individuals and businesses are being asked to make their own evaluations and take what they deem to be ‘appropriate precautions’.

At The Cutting Garden, we have reassessed the risk assessment for the salon to establish the best way forwards. We have decided that as the infection rates are rising and the virus is still prevalent, we will not be relaxing our safety measures. Instead, we will be continuing with the precautionary methods we implemented in April 2021 to protect our staff and customers.

Read on to learn more about the COVID-19 precautions we are continuing to take in the salon.

COVID-19 Announcement: Image of a woman wearing a mask, getting her hair cut.

Our Commitment to Safety

We have put in place all the necessary measures to protect your health, safety and wellbeing whilst you are visiting us. Ensuring the safety of our staff and clients is something we take seriously, so we are asking our customers to follow these policies:

  1. Please wear a mask (unless exempt) whilst in the salon. If you come without one, you can buy one from reception for a small fee. Your stylist will be wearing PPE, so please don’t be alarmed!
  2. Please arrive for your appointment on time. Do not arrive early or with others, as we have closed off our waiting area for social distancing purposes.
  3. Only enter the salon if there are no other customers in the reception area.
  4. Sanitise your hands as soon as you enter the salon.
  5. Try to travel lightly when visiting the salon to minimise contact with other people’s possessions. 
  6. Wherever possible, pay for your treatments by card. 

We apologise for the continued inconvenience, but it is essential to take these safety measures for the protection of our clients and staff. If these restrictions may cause you any issues, please speak with your hairdresser in advance. 

We thank you for your continued cooperation in these difficult times.

Get in Touch!

Please note, our team will do their very best to make your visit is as safe and as enjoyable as possible in these difficult times. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

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Don’t forget, you can book an appointment with us online or by calling the salon on 01752 223 233. We look forward to seeing our clients (both old and new) in the salon!