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Hair Extension Experts in Plymouth

The perfect way to add volume, length and texture to your hair, hair extensions are the ideal solution for anyone seeking a fresh new look. Our team of hairdressers in Plymouth have the skills and expertise to create natural-looking extensions that elevate your look and take your style to the next level!

What can hair extensions do for me?

Do you long for that full, voluminous, feel to your hair? Here at The Cutting Garden, we are experienced in applying professional hair extensions. Despite their name, hair extensions are not only about adding length – they can also add volume, texture, highlights or colour, whilst maintaining a healthy look. At our salon in Plymouth, we offer both Nano Bead and Tape extensions. Call to speak to a stylist, for more information or advice.

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Nano Bead Extensions and Tape Hair Extensions

Nano Bead extensions use small beads which are significantly smaller than the more traditional application rings. After a metal loop and keratin tip are squeezed together, they are inserted into the bead. The extensions are fitted behind your natural hair. This is a comfortable process, and due to the nature of the small beads, these extensions are ideal for those with fine hair as they blend in well and are gentle on the follicles. Neither heat, nor adhesives are required during the application.

Tape hair extensions are applied between the front and back section of your hair. They consist of a thin, adhesive ‘weft tape’ which is attached to your natural hair. Your hair is sandwiched in between the tape to secure the weft, and is then clamped into place. These extensions are less-bulky than clip-in extensions and are longer lasting. Tape extensions are ideal for those with thick hair, but can also be used for thinner hair. Heat is not required during the application process.

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Our highly-trained stylists will give you expert advice on how to look after your hair extensions. To keep your hair in tip-top condition, you should ideally only use shampoo and conditioner that has been specifically produced for extension after-care. Whether you have Nano Bead or Tape extensions, you will need to book in for maintenance appointments, to re-adjust your beads/tapes. Speak to your stylist for advice on how long to leave in between appointments.

Removal of extensions should always be carried out by a professional stylist. The removal of Nano Bead or Tape extensions is an easy process and will not cause damage to your natural hair. Nano Beads are released using a Nano-tool, allowing the rings to slide off. The removal of Tape hair extensions involves the use of a tail comb or tool and some removal solution to break down the adhesive between the tape.

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Book a Consultation

All clients must visit the salon for a *hair extension consultation, prior to booking an appointment to have extensions applied. This allows us to advise you on the type of extensions that best suit your hair and gives us the chance to discuss any queries, length and colour etc. with you. For your consultation, please get in touch with us by calling the salon on 01752 223233.

*Please note – hair extension consultations / appointments cannot be booked online.